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Barrier Gate

Parking Barrier is an ideal automatic rising arm barrier to control vehicle access for medium to high usage carparks. Its proven 100% duty cycling makes it a reliable and durable barrier that can easily integrate with revenue collection and access control systems.

Access Control

We design and install carpark access control systems that enable vehicles to raise barriers, pedestrians to open doors, drivers to open gates, and record times of entry and exit which can be linked to data loggers.

RF and Proximity readers can be concealed within posts, barriers, doors, or plasterwork and can be integrated into other systems in the building, such as time and attendance recording machines, and CCTV recording systems.

Cashcard System Process

For cashcard carpark management systems, the drivers simply insert their cashcard into the entry kiosk, equipped with a high-speed cashcard smart reader, a message display, voice recording or sound (optional), help button, and intercom.

The entry time is stored in a database together with the cashcard details that identify the driver. On exit, the driver inserts the same cashcard into the exit kiosk.

The system will retrieve the entry time and other information from the database, compute the parking fee and deduct the correct amount from the driver’s cashcard.

At the end of the day, the revenue collection for the carpark will be sent over to NETS (Network for Electronic Transfers), an e-payment operator in Singapore owned by three major banks in Singapore – DBS, OCBC, and UOB. NETS performs its verification processes and deposits the money into the designated bank account of the carpark owner.

Electronic Parking System
(Semi / Full )

The EPS (Electronic Parking System) goes one step further to enhance the driver’s convenience with “hands-free” cashless parking.

On entry to the carpark, the drivers no longer need to stop the car, wind down the window to insert the cashcard to register its entry time.

A high speed antenna at the entry lane will read the IU (In-car Unit, available on all Singapore cars), the system will store the information in the database and lifts up the high speed barrier.

Wireless Parking Guidance System

The number of cars on road is increasing day by day and available parking space is not able to keep that pace, resulting in being unable to find a suitable place to park. To use the available space more people have to be employed to manage the parking space effectively.

Our parking guidance system provides the right solution to manage parking space intelligently, reducing the manpower needed. It gives a pleasant experience to the car driver as he is quickly guided to the nearest parking slot right from the entrance.

The Parking Guidance system is fully automatic with fuzzy logic and uses 8 microprocessors at every step and it is fully wireless so that there is no wiring hassle reducing the downtime.

Mechanised Parking System

A Mechanised parking system is a mechanical system designed to minimize the area and/or volume required for parking cars.

Like a multi-story parking garage, an MPS provides parking for cars on multiple levels stacked vertically to maximize the number of parking spaces while minimizing land usage.